Tales Around the Bonfire: Canadians doing Canadian things

Tales Around the Bonfire: Canadians doing Canadian things

Everyone loves a good bonfire - the crackling of dry wood, ashes rising high, and a definite sign of cottage season; however, no bonfire is complete without good company, and a good story.

Tales Around the Bonfire is exactly that - a chance to bring everyone a little closer and get people to tell their story. We want to hear about your adventures. How do you live your life? What gets you up every morning? Where have you been and where are you going? 

Sharing stories brings us closer. It makes us more relatable, exposing the highs and lows everyone faces in their lifetime. It peels back a layer from your everyday skin, and reveals a passion. We're looking to not only bring us together between the east and west coasts, but to tell the stories of the travellers, nomads, and the everyday locals who have insights into some of Canada’s greatest hidden treasures.

For the series, we'll be releasing new stories at a pretty relaxed pace - about once a month. It gives each story a better chance to sink its roots into the ground.

If you're interested and want to tell your story, hit us up! Send us your story (evrthng.apparel@gmail.com) and a picture that represents what you're about. Sit down, grab a beer, and tell your story around the bonfire. Great company. Great stories. Canada over Evrthng.